Turn your applications for payment into cash flow

Commercial construction companies need cash flow to pay suppliers, labor and other expenses while they wait for payment. Our underwriters understand progress billing, lien releases and other nuances that traditional factoring companies are not accustomed to.

Construction factoring is an advance against open invoices and not a loan. You simply assign your accounts receivables to a lender and receive up to 80% advance. The balance is returned less fees as the receivables are collected.

There are many benefits to using a construction factoring company:

  • Cover overhead expenses and pay suppliers in time
  • Factoring company ensures A1A paperwork is properly completed to get paid in time
  • Your cash flow is directly tied to your sales and as your business grows so will the available capital
  • Gives you the confidence to fulfill larger commercial construction contracts

We work with many well-capitalized investment funds and underwriters that are aggressively approving new transactions. Many of our clients, companies just like yours, can receive the working capital they need even in today's hard economic times.

Turn your receivables into cash NOWand gain the working capital and the peace of mind your company needs to succeed.


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Why should you work with commercial finance partners?

  • Balance Sheet Lender
  • Highly Customized Loan Structures
  • 100% In-House White Glove Service
  • Non-Recourse
  • Specialized & Middle Market Focus